What was made here, how

many do you remember?

fannie may candies kitchen shop
Fannie May Candies / 11 N. LaSalle St. Chicago, IL.  (1920-2004)
J.P. Seeburg Company  / 1500 N. Dayton St. Chicago, IL. (1902-1984)

J.P. Seeburg Company  / 1500 N. Dayton St. Chicago, IL. (1902-1984)

bowman dairy company
Bowman Dairy Company / 4218 N. Elston Ave. Chicago, IL. (photo courtesy of Ken Goudy)
Sara Lee / Deerfield, IL.  (1939-2012)
Pullman Car Company / Chicago, IL. (1862-1981)
DeMet's Candy Company
DeMet's Candy Company / Chicago, IL. (1898-195?)
Haeger Potteries /  7 Maiden Ln. East Dundee, IL. (1852-2016)
Mark Charcoal Lighter / photo courtesy of Chicagofinds.com
Storkline Furniture Corporation / 4400-4418 W. 26th St. Chicago, IL. (1925-196?)
Peerless Confection Company / 1246-1258 Shubert Ave. Chicago, IL. (1924-2007) photo courtesy of Mark Susina
Peerless Confection Company / 1246-1258 Shubert Ave. Chicago, IL. (1924-2007) photo courtesy of Mark Susina
chicago macaroni company

Baderbrau (Pavichevich Brewing Company) / (1988-2018)

alberto culver
Alberto Culver / 2525 Armitage Ave. Melrose Park, IL. (1955-2010)
American Flyer
American Flyer / 2219-2239 S. Halsted St. Chicago, IL. (1907–1938)
Yo-Ho Potato Chips
Yo-Ho Potato Chips / 4716 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL. (1923-20??)
Chicago Coin Machine Co.
Chicago Coin Machine Co. / 1725 W. Diversey Blvd. Chicago, IL. (1931-1977)
Schwinn Bicycles Chicago

Schwinn Bicycles / 1718 N. Kildare Ave. & 1856 N. Kostner Ave. Chicago, IL. ( 1895-1982)

Slingerland Drum Company
Salerno Butter Cookies

Tucker / 7401 S. Cicero Ave. Chicago IL. (1947-1949) 

Ac'cent Accent
double kay nuts chicago kelling nut company
 Double Kay Nut Co. / Kelling Nut Co./ Chicago IL.
Chicago Roller Skate Company / 4430 W. Lake St. Chicago, IL. (1905- 19??) photo courtesy of Cragin Spring Flickr
Yummy Soda
DUR-O-LITE pencil company
Western Felt Works
Western Felt Works / 4115 W. Ogden Ave. Chicago, IL. (1899--1973)
W.F. Hall Printing Co. / Superior St. Chicago, IL. (1893-198?)
SCHULZE BAKING COMPANY CHICAGO 40 East Garfield Boulevard 40 East Garfield Boulevard
Schulze Baking Company / 40 E. Garfield Blvd. Chicago, IL.
Schoenhofen Edelweiss Brewing Company
Wanzer Dairy / 130 W. Garfield Blvd. Chicago, IL.
Pet Evaporated Milk
Ovaltine Factory
viviano bros. macararoni co.
Brachs Candies brach's
Rival Dog Food packing co. Chicago
burny bros. bakery bakeries chicago
 Burny Bros. Bakery / Chicago, IL. (1910-1963) photo courtesy of Michael Burny http://burnybros.blogspot.com/
Peter Hand Brewing Company
 Peter Hand Brewing Company / 1000 w. North Ave. Chicago, IL. (1891-1978)
Automatic Electric Company
                   Automatic Electric Company / 1001 W. Van Buren Chicago, IL. (1901-1983)
Bunte Candy Company / 3301 W. Franklin Blvd. (1876-1954)
Jays Potato Chips
Hamer Guitars U.S.A.

 Hamer Guitars / Wilmette & Arlington Heights IL. (1973-1988)

Sweetheart cup company
Curtiss Candy Co. Chicago
Armour & Company Chicago
Armour & Company / Chicago, IL.
Arlington Club Beverages
LLoyd J. Harriss Pie Company
Lloyd J. Harriss Pie Company / 1751 W. Hubbard St. Chicago, IL.
The Alghini Macaroni Mfg. Co. Chicago
Rock-Ola Mfg. Corporation

Rock-Ola Mfg. Corporation / 800 N. Kedzie Ave. Chicago, IL.

Florsheim Shoe Co.
The Florsheim Shoe Co. / 541 W. Adams St. Chicago, IL. (photo courtesy of  Cragin Spring Flickr)
Manhattan / Canadian Ace Brewing Company / 3901 S. Emerald Chicago, IL. (1893-1968)
Union Stockyards Stock Yards Chicago
Union Stockyards / Chicago, IL.
Helene Curtis
Dads Root Beer Dad's
Elgin National Watch Company
Ludwig Drum Company

Ludwig Drum Company / 1611 N. Lincoln St. Chicago, IL.

Allied Radio
Maurice Lenell Cookie Cooky Co.

Maurice Lenell Cooky Company / (1937-2008) 

Stewart Warner
American Licorice Co. Company
Frango Mints Marshall Field & Company
Western Electric Company

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