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Like most people who grew up in the Chicagoland area, I have many fond

memories of special places I once, or many times visited, that I will never

forget. The older I get, the more important these memories seem to be to me &

the more I enjoy reminiscing about with family & friends. These memories were

not restricted only to places we went for fun, but were also places we enjoyed

going to eat, went to for various services or even shopped at. Although my

parents were far from what would be considered rich, they always seemed to

find a way to treat my siblings & I to many unique & fun-filled adventures. I

decided to create this website to help preserve my memories, & hopefully bring

back memories to others who grew up in the Chicagoland area as well. In the

categories listed above, you'll find pictures & information about places no

longer in the Chicagoland area, where we played, ate or shopped. Some of

these places were one of a kind, & many near the particular neighborhoods

I grew up in. Others were national chains, & had several locations in the

Chicagoland area. Many were unique to this area, & some still exist elsewhere,

just not here. Many of these places went out of business, got bought out or

were demolished to keep up with the inevitable changing times. It saddens me

greatly each time I hear news of yet another place closing, or moving out of the

Chicagoland area & the lost list, keeps growing. Also featured here are the

radio stations we listened to, & television shows exclusive to the Chicagoland

area that many of us grew up watching religiously & that hold a special place

in any true Chicagoan's heart. This site will also touch on products that

originated in Chicago, & were manufactured here, but for one reason or

another, left the Chicagoland area. Some familiar brand names remain intact,

however their Chicago roots have been severed, & these products are now

being made elsewhere. Although they may have kept the name, sadly to most

it's just not the same. Originally the memories on this website were those

exclusive to myself, family & or friends. However due to the many requests &

photos I receive on a daily basis, I have since began adding your memories as

well. So, as time permits, I will consider adding photos you've submitted, &

research requests & attempt to locate images & information for possible

inclusion on this website. Now, get ready for a journey back in time, & revisit

the Chicagoland area when it was a much different place. Thanks for stopping

by, & be sure to check back often to see my latest additions. Thanks, Craig


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       What people are saying about

 Craig's Lost Chicago:

Does the city of Chicago realize what a treasure you are? The library or chamber should hire you! I was born in Chicago, raised in        Arlington heights, but have lived in Iowa since leaving for college in fall 1970. I LOVE your Craig's Lost Chicago! Thanks! Barbara S.
Hi Craig, I discovered your website today and was delighted to see the extensive collection of Chicagoland photographs and information. I was born in 1955 in Chicago and spent most of my youth there.  I do think that it is important and rewarding to remember the many businesses, places, and people that have made the Chicago area so vibrant over the years. Although I live in the Washington DC area now, I still have a brother and sister who live in Chicago and I often consider moving back there. While many things have changed in the Chicago area, I think that there is something inherent in the Midwestern mindset that persists to this day and that makes Chicago and surrounding areas the wonderful places that they are. Thank you for the great work that you do and for the joy and fond memories that you bring to many people with your wonderful website. Best regards, Peter, Virginia
Hi, As a former Chicagoan now living in Hawaii your website is a nice piece of home for me. Keep up the good work! Kent R.

Craig, this is my #1 favorite nostalgia site and I am a regular visitor.  Bless you for taking the time to build and curate a site like yours, I really like that you’ve gotten so much well-deserved recognition from it from site viewers as well as from WGN Radio 😊😊   You have a world of Chicagolander's who are mesmerized by seeing sites that we all grew up with!!!   You are a wonderful man for taking on something like this that meets a need for many thousands of us scattered across the world.  I live in Seattle now, was in La Grange until 1997. SO VERY MUCH HAS CHANGED in Chicagoland!! Rob K.

 Greetings, Let me start by saying you have a fantastic website which brings back many good memories, I am sure many people appreciate your work. Doug O

 Very cool – right up my alley! "Elton" Jim Turano / Garry Meier Show / WGN Radio 720

Hey Craig! I enjoyed your website very much, and I know it costs money to provide it. You are very kind for hosting it for so many to enjoy, and spending time assembling it. Viewing those pictures, brought back names and places long forgotten, if I think of something that you don't have on your site, I might send you a message but I can't think of anything at the moment. It is interesting how the landscape changes, and stores and restaurant's come and go. Here is a funny little story. I grew up in Berwyn and in drivers education our first trips were in the huge nearby cemetery. Forest Park or North Riverside I believe. Coach said at least we don't have to worry about crashing into anything/anybody while driving in there :) I visited my parents regularly, but always from the northwest, decades later I visited my parents from the south and I drove past the cemetery. Guess what?? Its GONE! There were car dealerships, strip malls, BestBuy, etc. in its place. I was really shocked. Asked my Dad when I arrived, he said they dug up all the graves along Harlem Ave and relocated them, then sold the strip of land facing Harlem to developers. So, sometimes you don't realize what was there until its gone, and after a while you might be scratching your head trying to remember LOL Have a wonderful day! Joe H.

  Craig, we totally enjoyed looking through your website last night. Sheree and Gary S.

Quite a website you've got there.  Thanks for all your work.  Grew up on the NW side of Chicago remembering Scaccio's Pizza on Fullerton Ave. near Riis Park.  For ages I've been trying to find a picture.  So many in "Lost Eateries" I had to stop scrolling after awhile.  Do you know off hand if a photos exists?  Our band played our 1st job there on 7/13/1966. Again, Great Site!  Thanks in advance.Steve M.

                     Hi Craig! You have a brilliant and moving website bringing back many fine memories. best regards,Dennis M.

 Great list and major blasts from the past! Thanks, Cori R.

I                       Craig, I absolutely love your site. I go there every few months to reminisce, especially now that I am out of the area.     Once again, thank  you so much for this incredibly rich site of Chicagoland details. Mark Z.

Hello Craig, I want to thank you for posting the photo of Uncle Ned’s Squadron.
The kid in the upper right of the photo is my dad!
I can remember him telling me of the time he was on the show and won an airplane model.
My dad is gone now, and I do not believe that he or any of my family has ever seen this photo before.
Keep posting great memories!
Larry R. Spring Bay, IL
Craig, I stumbled upon your site looking for a lost eatery. It's awesome! I'll definitely be checking out the whole site and sharing with friends and family!Thank you so much and keep up your great work! Tim T. 

Craig, I have enjoyed your website since it's inception. Thank you very very much for all your hard work and dedication! 
Sincerely, Jeff A. 
Hi, Love your website. Former Chicagoan here, now in Florida, thank you for the great website. Lots of great memories, Don C

I have to tell you, I love this, I grew up on the Southside of Chicago by Ford City, then moved to Arlington Heights Illinois in 67, so I can relate to a major chunk of change that's gone on back home, car dealerships in Arlington Heights are all gone on NW HWY, a lot of things are like yesterday once more, I'm 61, but Chicago is always going to be home sweet home, places I can think of would be a list longer than time itself, in Oak Lawn, I remember Jack Thompson Oldsmobile, Kole Pontiac, Quality Chevrolet, Shirey Cadillac,& Van Dahm Lincoln Mercury, I even remember the dealers on S Western Ave, of course when you also have old Chicken auto show programs with the addresses, that helps a lot. If you ever dig up another chapter, let me know if you do car dealerships in Illinois, I'd probably remember them from print ads in the newspapers as well as tv & radio advertising, just KUTGW, & let me know if you find anything!!! James S.

Thanks for unlocking incredible (and mournful) memories, Mike I.

                                             Craig, Thank you for your awesome site! Many wonderful memories, Floradell S.
I lived in Chicago for eight great years and your web site brought back some tasty memories of Braverman's, Lawry's, The Magic Pan, The Bakery and Chances R to name a few. Thank you, Mark R.

                                                     Mr. Craig, Hope you are doing well. I love your website. Don C.

I live in NC.  I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I just happened on your web site and saw my uncle John Conrad with Elmer the Elephant. What a nice trip down memory lane for me. Thanks, Susan U.
Love your site, many great memories. Keep up the good work, Tom B
Hello, really enjoy your web page, I go back to it many times just for the memories.You’ll probably hear back from me, I am always looking and remembering places. Life time Chicago area ( the burbs) resident here since 1964, lol Thanks, Mark M. 

What a great website - Thanks! Lite Electric LLC. Schaumburg IL.
Hi Craig, Just reaching out because we recently found your website and have really enjoyed it! We're actually sign painters here in Chicago and the old signage is priceless. It's incredible to get to see so many on the site, especially ones that bring back good memories!
Anyways, thank you for providing all of the good memories. We are fans! Andrew and Kelsey--
heartandbonesigns.com @heartandbonesigns
Keep up the good work and Thanks, Ralph B.
Hello, I saw your website and think what you have done is great. Denise L.
 So cool....so many memories....i was a staff announcer for Jerry G. Bishop on the Svengoolie show and hosted afternoon drive sports     when WLUP became WMVP back in '92 or '3....... great vibes....great site. Chet Coppock
Great site and can't wait to check out more of "your great stuff" I thank you very much and keep up the "great and selfish work you are doing for people like me!" Bob F. Highland MI.
Craig, surfing through the various “lost links” was a real hoot for me. I was born on the west side (Oak Park actually) and lived in Chicago for most of my first 38 years. With the exception of sometime away at college and in the service mine was a “west side story”. My wife is also from Chicago and I sent her and some friends the link as well. One of them commented “I spent half the afternoon looking at your pictures!!!!!”. Chuck D.
Craig, I just want to say how much I enjoyed your Craig's Lost Chicago website.

It almost brought a tear to my eyes when I was in the eatery section and got to Petricca's and saw your note.  My family has been friends with the Petricca family for decades, although since retirement I haven't seen much of them.  My parents had their reception at the Western Ave location in 1956, as well as my aunt a couple years earlier.  My uncle had theirs at the Harlem Ave location.  I went to Harlem with my dates after two different high school Homecomings.  I was at the Western Ave store for lunch usually at least once a week for nearly 10 years and was there the day Tony closed it. Thanks for all of your hard work to give us nostalgia nuts this treasure. Bill  L.
Craig - thanks for all the effort and time you pit into this great site! I'm in my 60s, and although it's not been a great long time in the grand scheme of things, the Chicago I grew up in is now gone forever. Even seeing a matchbook cover from a long closed restaurant can unlock many memories! I especially love the great old neon signs from that era -  who doesn't? Thanks again, and best regards, Brian G.

Craig, the best website ever! Best, Jimmy C.

Craig, I remember when Chicago was number one at EVERYTHING !!!!!!!! Now I look at your site and shake my head and cry sometimes as I no longer see the great city I once knew.. As a truck driver ( old one) I really see the impact of lost manufacturing.. You do a GREAT job on the site, Joe W.

Hello Craig, thanks for a great website, Celeste H.

Hi Craig, I found your website (which is a Chicagoan’s dream by the way) while looking for photograph’s of Tad’s Steakhouse which was once located next to the Chicago Theater and another on Madison. One of my earliest and fondest memories is going downtown with my parents in the early 60s to see a movie and stopping for steaks at Tad’s beforehand. I’ve found a few photo’s if in the past, but they’re never very good quality. Gayle, K.

Hello, I was so happy to find your website,  I also have fond memories of places that no longer exist.I love to go back to my childhood/teen years and revisit where I made so many memories.  Rachel R.

It was so much fun taking a trip down memory lane. Places I hadn't thought about since I was a kid. I got on the phone and called my 83 yr. old aunt just to reminisce after looking at your website. I'm shocked that you don't have over a million likes/viewers. Anyone who was alive and living in Chicago in the 60's/70's like me, would just love this. Great Job! Thanks for getting back to me. Both my parents are gone now, but your page/site put a big smile on my face thinking about the places we went when I was growing up. I will be sure to share this with as many people as possible. Dave P.

Dear Craig, I just learned about your web site. It's wonderful. Sincerely, Joshua T.

Hi, great website! I'm going on 48 years old and appreciate this lost childhood history. We never realized how good we had it. These sheltered kids today don't know how simple and fun life was! Keith G. Bridgeview, IL. 

Hi Craig, I stumbled onto your website tonight and wanted to tell how much fun it was looking at every picture!

Craig, I would like to say your site is awesome!!! Brought back many memories from my childhood.Bill D.

Craig, keep up the great work on your Craig's Lost Chicago page, Joe B

Craig, keep doing what you do because that really brought back some memories! Thank you so much. Donna L.

                                                         Dear Craig, I just learned about your web site. It's wonderful, Joshua T.
You have ALL the treasures and I want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing them. Just wonderful. Thank you, Edie A.

Hi Craig !! I like your site, keep up the good work and do not forget I like your hard work on your site just the way it is !!!!!
Thank you, Joe W.

                          Hello, thank you for your many views into the past. All the best and then some! Kenneth H.Cincinnati, OH

I just found your page Craig. Someone posted on my Proviso East HS page! Good job! Michelle C.
I just found your web page and I love it.  I lived in Lombard as a kid until 1966 then came back to Glen Ellen and later Carol Stream after the service in 70. I truly enjoyed seeing some of the old stores and restaurants and all the vintage signs. Ronald L.
Craig, I love looking at all the pictures, you've collected! Take care, Valerie T.
Hi Craig,wonderful web site. I have viewed the pages many times. Joe M.
Craig, I enjoyed seeing and remembering restaurants from the past on your website. Thanks for the memories! Rosalie D.
Hi Craig, Both my wife and I LOVE the site. Dan M.
Craig, You mentioned your parents had gone to the Chez Paree for their high school prom well, I did too as  graduate of Lake View High School class of 1958. I have enjoyed your trip back in time…..well done! Carole C.

Craig: Although not a “native” Chicagoan having moved here in 1970 your stroll down those days of yesteryear are wonderful! Jim S.

Craig, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Jane J.

Hi Craig, all the pictures did bring back a lot of memories, as I grew up very close to the original Buffalo Ice Cream Parlor at Irving Park & Pulaski.

You've prompted some great conversations with my siblings! Thank you! Carolyn H.

Hi Craig, First off thank you so much for creating this website, it is amazing! I am a lover of anything lost or forgotten so I appreciate the effort you put into this! Again, thank you for your site, my name is Charlotte F

Hello, first I want to thank you. My husband and I both grew up in Chicago, did nursing and medical school in the area and then ended up in Berwyn for my husbands residency. I worked in downtown Chicago all through college and I loved it then, and love it now. So many of those restaurants and places we have such memories. You captured most of our childhood and our adulthood til we were 32 and 26 .That's when we had to move to Kissimmee FL .Thanks for making a bunch of people in Florida happy tonight. Our Best Regards, Dr. Mandel and Susan Miller. P.S. I am sending this to my Dad. He will love it.

 Your website is absolutely wonderful!  thank you for the memories.  I grew up on the west side and had many dinners at Febo’s restaurant (a place  where Bob Hope used to go when he was in town) and Toscano’s restaurant.  two very Italian restaurants.  I looked for them on your site and they are not there.  I wish I had photos of them to share, but alas, do not. again….thank you!!!! Sue B.

 Craig. You bring a lot of joy and fond memories to so many Chicagoans. Keep up the great work. Mike C.

I just want to say how much I enjoyed your Craig's Lost Chicago website. It almost brought a tear to my eyes when I was in the eatery section and got to Petricca's and saw your note.  My family has been friends with the Petricca family for decades, although since retirement I haven't seen much of them.  My parents had their reception at the Western Ave location in 1956, as well as my aunt a couple years earlier.  My uncle had theirs at the Harlem Ave location.  I went to Harlem with my dates after two different high school Homecomings.  I was at the Western Ave store for lunch usually at least once a week for nearly 10 years and was there the day Tony closed it. Thanks for all of your hard work to give us nostalgia nuts this treasure. Bill L.

 Craig, your pursuit of this is both rewarding and heartbreaking, and you must have the nerve for it. George D

 Thank you for keeping the legacy going for some places that could easily be forgotten. Mariko V.

 Always great hanging with Craig and his web site. Roger Badesch / WGN Radio News Anchor

 You do a great job and it is important to keep the history alive.Thanks so much for your efforts and keep going! Steve G.


 Just discovered your website tonight it is WONDERFUL! Thank you!! Anna D

 Love Craig's lost Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rich H.
  Craig, I grew up in Chicago but now live in Kentucky. Love the great memories the website brings! Thanks for all you do!  Bob R.

 Hi, I spent some years in Chicago as a young 20 something.   I loved scanning through your website as I found reference to some of the restaurants and clubs I hung out in at one time in the western suburbs. Roger A. 


 Thanks. So many good things. So many things I remember and many I wish I had seen.  Chris J.

Hello,just found your web page and I love it.  I lived in Lombard as a kid until 1966 then came back to Glen Ellen and later Carol Stream after the service in 70.  I truly enjoyed seeing some of the old stores and restaurants and all the vintage signs. Ron L.


Thanks for your wonderful site, Lost Chicago.  It brings back many wonderful memories of the greatest city I’ve ever known.  Al K. Annapolis, Maryland

Craig, absolutely wonderful web site. I grew up in the Jefferson Park area.Thanks for all your time and effort in capturing lost memories. Bill K.

WOW! Craig, you threw me back into my whole childhood! (FYI, I grew up in Norwood Park late 50s to early 80s.) It started with tracking down Skrudland on Pinterest, go figure (Wanted to contact the owners to thank them for something…)
Then your site blew me away. Images that brought back memories I never ever would have thought of in… literally… a lifetime. I’d look at vaguely familiar ones and think, “no Turnstyle, impossible” “what about Gladstones” then it turns up!!! Or, one’s I’d never think of like Weiboldt’s, where I had my first job as a stocker …or Diver Dan! Shanghi-Lil’s! The ONLY Chinese restaurant my parents would ever go to, only about twice a year…a real treat out! (I would NEVER have remembered that, then I saw Shanghai Inn and memories came back, but something wasn’t clear, boom, then Lil’s!! and Putt Putt around the corner. Man! And Buffalo—just weeks ago I was trying to remember the name with a friend and kept drawing a blank!
on a great job (even WGN TV shows)! Well, if you ever post William Howard Taft High School, or more about Riverview, please let me know! Or, Snacktime Restaurant, or… what was that Hot Dog stand at Devon, Lawrence (Bryn Mawr)? Super Dog…? (You even had Sherwood Toboggans!) Thank you, Josef K.

Hi Craig, like everyone else, I love your website of course. Thanks again for maintaining it. Matt N.

Craig, surfing through the various “lost links” was a real hoot for me. I was born on the west side (Oak Park actually) and lived in Chicago for most of my first 38 years. With the exception of sometime away at college and in the service mine was a “west side story”. My wife is also from Chicago and I sent her and some friends the link as well. One of them commented “I spent half the afternoon looking at your pictures!!!!!”. Chuck D

Hi Craig! great site. i went through your website and it's amazing what you've amassed! Jamie C.
I love your site. Thanks for taking the time to keep such treasures available for generations to come. Vanessa D.

Hello, I just found your web page and I love it.  I lived in Lombard as a kid until 1966 then came back to Glen Ellen and later Carol Stream after the service in 70.  I truly enjoyed seeing some of the old stores and restaurants and all the vintage signs. Rn L.

I am one of the ones that really enjoy your site...moved away from the area and still love it. You really bring back memories. Thank you! Susan J. 

Hi - Love seeing all the old places. Thanks, Margaret B.

Craig: Although not a “native” Chicagoan having moved here in 1970 your stroll down those days of yesteryear are wonderful.Jim S.

Hi Craig, I recently discovered your Lost Chicago page and think it's wonderful. Keep up the nice work, Leon T.

Love Your Lost Chicago Website! Hi, I spent some years in Chicago as a young 20 something. I loved scanning through your website as I found reference to some of the restaurants and clubs I hung out in at one time in the western suburbs.  Roger A.

I love looking at all the pictures, you've collected! Valarie T.

I enjoyed your list, it brought back some good memories! I grew up in the northwest suburbs, thanks again I enjoyed it! Dave K.

Hey there--I just stumbled across this today, great site! Todd L.

I love the work you do preserving Chicago memories. David R.

With such a great Web Site you should be paid with advertisement.Keep up the great work. Kenneth O.

I love what you do here! William P.

I am having a ball with this! Especially great fun & a challenge for those of us born in the 50s or earlier. Cliff Johnson (Off Broadway) 

I love your website! It take me back to my childhood... Thank you for all your hard work in this regard - I definitely appreciate how you've been able to compile all that information. Your site is so awesome, I just love it. Thank you thank you! Have a wonderful evening, Hannah C. 

I'm glad I found you. I couldn't leave once I did. Bravo on your treasure-trove of memories. Edie A. 

Love it! Always a Chicagoan at heart even though out west last 18 years! Your site brings back so many memories. ...thank you! Kitty S.

Loved this, hope you get lots more to add to your list! Nancy S. 

Craig - I LOVE your site. I have shared it with family and friends who are no longer in the Chicago area. Ken W.
Thanks for posting the great memories! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and memories with us! Mary M.

Love the memories I find here! Peggy P.

Thanks for curating this great site!I know many of these places well on your site because he took us there as kids. Thanks Craig!  Appreciate your efforts! Cheers, Bill N.

Hi there! Looooove the website. I will certainly be telling people about your website.  Be well! Amanda A.

Love the web site. Thanks for the memories, Jamie R.

I do want to thank you for all your hard work in putting this together, it is so awesome to look at. I live in Southern California now so I don't get to see my old neighborhood much any more. Tami M.

I really enjoy your site, Darren F.

Hi, I loved looking at the old Chicago area pictures. I forgot to mention that my next-door neighbor, who is 92, once worked as a dice girl, hostess, and waitress years ago at places such as George Diamond's, The Cart, and I think a few on Rush Street. She enjoyed seeing the pictures of them on your website.Tamara S.

An old friend sent me a link to Craig's Lost Chicago and it didn't take long before my eyes filled up with tears.  Oh the memories! Craig (whoever he is) sure has amassed a wealth of Old Chicago memories. So many memories!  Thank you Craig! Evelyn G.

Your web site is great, really made me smile. Keep up the good work! Diane R.

Wow! Did this bring back memories. Henry K

Thanks so much and thanks for putting together your sites. So many good times have past and it's nice to remember them all. Your websites are a trip down memory lane. Regards Nick B.

Thanks for this great website, recalls happier times in the 'City that works'. Mike I.

I Love your website! It take me back to my childhood... Thank you for all your hard work in this regard - I definitely appreciate how you've been able to compile all that information. Thank you, and keep up the AMAZING and WONDERFUL work!!!!!!! -Hannah C.

Thank you for your so cool site, I enjoyed pouring over the places I remember as a kid. I'm 51 now, moved away when I was 12, to Clearwater Florida, but my memories are clear. So much, thanks. Lou C.

Dear Craig, first let me tell you hoe delighted I was to find your wonderful Craig's Lost Chicago.  I was searching google for Shanghai Lil's  when your site popped up. I have looked at every photo  and had such a nostalgia trip.  Some of the places I would have never thought of again if it hadn't been for you! Thanks again!!! Best Regards, Kathy B. 

Thanks so much. I enjoyed the photos n the link. Glad I had insomnia n caught your interview on late night radio (WGN)! C. Estelle B.

Hi Craig, Totally LOVE your site!!! It is fantastic!!! Makes me homesick (had to move to CA for my hubby’s work) Adina P.

Hi,your site has brought back a lot of good memories for me, growing up in Chicago. Thanks again for the GREAT memories. Vin

Hi, Craig,Your website is wonderful! I've easily been to half of the stores and restaurants you feature. Thanks for helping me relive so many great memories! Linda K.

Dear Craig, I booked marked your website and am truly enjoying it. Kind regards Jenny C.

Hi!  I just found Lost Chicago because a friend posted it on Facebook.  Wow!  Many great memories.  I read your introduction on the Home page.  I could have written it.  It seems as if we've had similar experiences.  My memories become more important as I get older. I've been working on my family tree for my daughter, and the pictures are fun to include with my thoughts from days gone by.  (Thanks for the many photos.) I'm 65 years old and I moved from from Chicago when I was 26 (in 1975).  I live in California, but I've never considered myself a Californian.  I'm still a Chicago girl at heart. I think I have very  diverse tastes because of my life experiences in Chicago.  I love that I grew up there. Again, THANKS for the many photos.  I love them!  Karin O. (formerly from Chicago's north side, near Damen & Lawrence)

Dear Sir, I enjoyed your website. Phil O.

Dear Craig, I love looking at the updates to your website!  They bring back so many memories to my husband and me of growing up in the Chicagoland area. Thank you so much for preserving these great memories for us! Sincerely, Marcy K.

Hi Craig, thanks so much for this site! So many bittersweet memories of years gone by and the girls I took to many of these places on dates.
Thanks again for a great site! Kevin O.

I love this site!!! I'm not from Chicago but have visited very frequently for the last 40 years , since I was a young kid. Great stuff ! John

Craig, though I’ve been in Minnesota for 40-some years, my youthful memories of life in the western suburbs and the City are still pretty clear (born in Berwyn and lived in Riverside, Hinsdale, La Grange, Downers Grove, Montgomery, Aurora, Naperville, and the nearish North Side).Your website rekindled many fond recollections. Thanks so much! Bill

I've been forwarding links to your site to everyone I know, & the reaction has been , uniformly, WOW! Take care, & keep up the good work. Dan S.

Since I found out about your web site I have been checking back regularly.
"thanks for the memories". Tony H.

Awesome pictures.....unbelievable how the whole era just comes flooding back when a picture reminds you of it. Thanks for the memories! Great page!! Sue L.

Came across your website today and absolutely love it! It was like a time machine..... thank you so much for rescuing all my memories. These days sometimes seem so far away, it means a lot to keep them alive like this. Allee M.

This is great! Was just listening to WGN and heard about your website. So many memories. What a treasure! Elyse N.

Met my FB friend, Craig Locaciato at the Wilmette GARFIELD GOOSE lecture Sunday. Kindred spirits. Craig runs the Craig's Lost Chicago site, which you'll like (if you don't already)! Jim Engel

Had a ton of fun strolling down "Lost Chicago" memory lane. Douglas H.

Love Craig's Lost Chicago! Michelle W.

My wife and I were back in time looking at your website, thank you for what you've done. Myron

Hi, love your website! Very cool! Thanks, Judy G.

Craig, I like your compilation of closed firms perhaps long forgotten. Arthur R.

What a great trip down memory lane this was! Karen Y.

I heard Craig on WGN this morning, thanks for the memories. Iris G.

I know my friends and family will go down "memory lane" with Craig's Lost Chicago. Thank you for this journey. Linda M.

Just discovered the site from a baby boomer friend. Terrific. Thanks for saving this stuff before it fades from everyone's memory. Keep up the good work! Tom Z.

As a former Chicago area resident, I enjoyed your photos which brought back a lot of memories. Joanne W.(Redwood Valley, California and Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada)

What a treasure trove is your website. Lived in Chicago area from birth through 8th grade (1947-1961). Your images at website brought back memories and also many LOST memories. Keep it up -- it's history that's being lost. Nancy T.

Hello Craig, I heard you on WGN this morning and then checked out your site. Very nice, I really enjoyed looking back. Ken W.

I’m impressed with your collection of pictures. Geary M.

Loved your website! Thanks, Tony C.

Craig, brings back great memories! Keep this up! Tom M.
Craig, Your Website is a real blast from the past! Keep up the awesome work, we really appreciate your efforts in preserving fond irreplaceable memories. Sincerely, Jeff A.

Your site is great brings back so many memories, so many things to find to contribute. Keep up your great work, if I can find any pictures I will send but maybe you have connections to get these . Regards, Joe G

Hi Craig, a friend sent me a link to your site & I enjoyed it. It  brings back many pleasant memories of growing up in Chicago.  So thank you for that! Regards, Michael B.

Hi Craig: I love your page on lost Chicago. Steve Hart, former host of "Popeye with Steve Hart" WSNS TV 44 / Chicago

Craig, I love your lists, especially the restaurants. My husband and I went through them all and talked about which ones we remembered and frequented. Keep up the great work. Donna Y.

Hi Craig, I enjoyed your site - brings back many pleasant memories of growing up in Chicago.  So thank you for that! I'll have to spend more time on your site, as I wasn't able to check out all the great pics and captions. Regards, Michael B.

Hey Craig.... Great site.... Ray Z.

Hi Craig! I'm writing to you from the Chicago Genealogical Society, your website is really very wonderful!. We are going to include "Chicago's Lost Eateries" in our April newsletter. Best, Jaime G.

Thanks Craig, I enjoy your site and have forwarded it on to others.  A lot of great memories all through it. Keep up the good work! Rob F.

Hi Craig, Someone sent me your "Craig's Lost Chicago."  Great site! Marlene

Craig, thanks for the cool website. Robin B.

Hi, I loved your website, especially the "Lost Eateries" section. Thank you for doing this, Greg K.

As a South Side native born roughly a year before you, I found your Facebook page then your two sites. Outstanding job!! Nice to reminisce. Thanks again for the memories and the great job! Fred T.

This is the coolest website of all time. I live in Deerfield and grew up in Niles and Glenview. Michael G.

Craig, just looked at all the old stores, what a walk down memory lane! Thanks for that. Karen H.

Wow! I was emailed the link to your site by a friend.  All I can say is that you opened up many memories. Many of the photos tugged at my heart and made me smile.  I was amazed at how many of those places I've been to or remembered.  You were right,  we didn't have a lot of money growing up, but somehow our parents were able to take us to so many of these places.  Keep up the great work! Greg R.

I just stumbled onto Craig's Lost Chicago, yesterday.  Lovin' it.  It's keeping me busy. Gene C. (former WSNS employee -- SW Side native) now in Kansas City

Thanks for the lost Chicago site.Kathleen U.

Craig, I grew up in Arlington Heights & now live in NC. I enjoyed so many of the places on your website & thank you for putting it together. Duffy

Love the site!  It can be a real time killer! John K.

Liked your site, brings back memories of the good ole days!  I know its probably difficult to find all of these old photos, keep up the good work. Craig S.

Craig, I really love what you're doing ! I recognized a lot of the venues on the site and it brought back a lot of memories of driving around with my parents and either eating at some of those places, hearing my parents talk about various places or just amused with the non-generic variety of places to go as I looked out the car window. Thank You! Renee B.

What an awesome website.  My cousin sent it to me & I passed it along to others.  I have had a ball looking at what used to be.  It brought back many memories.Thanks for the memories! Chrisanne Z.

Hi Craig, thanks for all your hard work, people love taking a walk down memory lane. Vicky C.
Hello! First of all, what a GREAT site! Thank you for doing that. My father and I look through "Lost Chicago" often and it brings up great memories. Thanks again for all the hard work you did on this great site, Scott K.

Craig, love your Lost Chicago site, it's wonderful! My wife & I spent the better part of Sunday going through it & reminscing, trying to remember the jingles used to advertise all the businesses & such. I have shared it on Facebook to wide acclaim, & people have been liking it steadily. Keep up the good work. Thanks! Dan S.

Greetings, my sister, who still lives outside Chicago, told me about your website and it took me back to when I was a kid in NW Chicago. I recognized many of the entertainment and eatery photos. What a treasure! It has brought back some wonderful memories for me.  I want to go over it with my sister at my side - I am sure the images will trigger even more shared memories, and much laughter. I plan to look at Craig's Lost Chicago from time to time, and will see any updates then. Thank you for your work! Eileen T.

OMG love this page and your website. Thank you for taking us down memory lane. Peter D.

Just found your website and I love it! Great website and thanks for making it! Kathleen D.

Began working in and around Chicago in the early 60's.  This site brought back a lot of fond memories. Thanks you! Bill

Thanks for starting this site! So much fun remembering so many things from childhood! Julie P.

Hi there, thank you for putting this site together, great memories. A.J. L.

 Craig, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your "Lost Chicago" website, it's all just masterful. Bill Leff / WGN Radio 720

My dad had memories from 20 of the restaurant pictures- thanks for posting! Big fun : ) Lisa M.

Hi Craig, Snuck a peek at your sites. VERY VERY COOL..    I am very fond of my past as well,  love how you respect the past of Chicago. Keep up the great work, on respecting tradition. Even tradition seems to be fading way. Regards, Garey S.   

LOVE your site! Thanks for putting it together — what a treat to go back and have so many old memories triggered. Gloria B.

EXCELLANT WORK! Thanks so much for posting “Craig’s Lost Chicago.” I’ve been in Arizona for many years, but fondly remember so many of those you posted. Yours is indeed a labor of love!  Thanks, again, for these sweet memories. Best, Chris

Hi, I just loved to see Craig's Lost Chicago. It has brought back so many memories, and is so fun to see the places I once "hung out" at! My Grandson's 16 & 19 year olds are visiting (from California) soon and I plan on showing them your page. Anyway, thanks for the memories! Great webpage! Lyn M.

Such a great trip down memory lane!  Thanks so much! Ann-Marie H.

Craig, first let me say that I think you are doing a most admirable job on your website.  I think that  you had a noble idea and have accomplished your goal in bringing back some of the important memories of Chicago Keep up the great work! Joe B.

I just wanted to say thank you for creating your online Chicago archive. I was born here in 1975 and have often felt like a man without a home these days. As much as I have adapted to the new homogenous American urban landscape, I often reflect on how much I miss the place that once was. With the utmost of sincerity, I thank you! Bests, Justin L.

What a great trip down memory lane. Thanks Craig. Joan H.

Hello Craig, great website! Dan H.

Awesome web page, Craig! Very cool and nostalgic! Keep adding : ) Ann C.

I just came across your page today and I have to say I LOVE IT!! Looking at the pics and stuff brought back alot of good memories of Chitown. No matter where I live it will ALWAYS be my favorite city! Thanks and I am spreading the word about your page!!! Mandy K.

Hi there:  Just finished looking at your wonderful Chicago restaurants list. What a walk back down Memory Lane for me. I am 85 years old now and some of those go back a long way. Thanks for compiling this - lots of fun.   Dolores E. (now in Colorado) .  p.s. I identified 101!

Have Lost the day today looking at your great Lost Restaurants site. Just too good! Keep up the wonderful work. I intend to check out every photo and every category of your "Lost" series. Sincerely, Connie S.

Loved the MEMORIES and great times, very much like the feelings you conjure up on your wonderful website. I'm now living in CT longer than I lived in Chicago, but Chicago, especially the lost Chicago, will always be home!  Thanks for an amazing website.  Only got to the eateries.  Still drooling! Carol B.
 Craig-thanks for the great old pic's! Kevin D.Craig:  I loved your Lost Chicago website. Steve EYour site brought back a lot of memories. Donald S.
Sir, i saw your site on FB and i enjoyed reminiscing about the past. Peter 

Love what you have put together, John H. (Clarksville

Great website! Many pictures of items from my past too, & I learned of closures via your website. Regards, David R.

I have enjoyed this, it is the most fun I have had looking at pictures in a long time. Really takes you back, but there are so many it's crazy! Thank you, Amanda B.

Your site made me cry! So much lost. R.K.

Nice Work, Dennis O.

I just wanna tell you how much I love your work. Before even knowing you did stuff like this for Chicago, about a month or so- I started a page on twitter called @Chicago_History - if you are on twitter, please follow back. I've cited many times so far how you have become an inspiration in me working on the page. Jason Schwartz

Love this page! Thanks for the memories! Marie B.

I absolutely love your site! I was born in Chicago, on Sacramento St. Later we moved to 634 N. Trumbull Ave, then into Harwood Heights. I married and lived in Schaumburg for five years. After that, we moved to where my husband was born, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Of course, my heart is still in Chicago, the greatest city. Thanks for all the memories! Dottie S.

Awesome site! I miss Chicago so much! David O.

Hi Craig, I just love your website!!! Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane. Joanne C.

I just barely scratched the surface of your site, which was shared to me today by a friend. You are the only page I have found that actually had a photo from the waterpark in Oakbrook terrace in the 80's, Ebenezer's Floppin' Slopper's Wonderful Water slides. Thanks for operating this site. Brian L.

Hello Craig, what a wonderful website. Thank you, Karen G. (Scottsdale, AZ.)

Craig, very cool website.  It was like a stroll down Chicagoland memory lane! John K.

Hello, I really love the lost eateries section of your website. I know I will enjoy the other sections as well, when I get around to checking them out. Thanks, Steve G.

Just outstanding website, can't stop sending it to all we know. I thank you for the effort to put that together. Terry Z.

Hello Craig,
Thank you for your website, really enjoyed the memories. Thank you for your amazing contribution, I really enjoyed reliving the yesteryears! Carolyn F.

Hi there, I just went through all the pics on your website. Thank you for helping me to remember when I was little, Greg N. (Tempe AZ.)

Hi Craig, I wanted to let you know that your website is unbelievable & I think a lot of people have forgotten about a lot of the places & things that you have brought together here. Craig's Lost Chicago takes everyone back to the way things used to be in the Chicagoland area. Great job! & keep up the fine work bringing back many lost memories. Thanks, Jeff B.

Hello Craig: I was pleased to view your Lost Chicago website this afternoon. I heard about your site from the fellow running the Cookies and More Store on Harlem Avenue and it was everything he said it was. Keep up the good work on your Lost Chicago website, James H.

Hi Craig, I was very interested to see your site about Lost Chicago Restaurants.  I remember so many of those restaurants it’s amazing.  It brought back so many memories with my parents.Thank you, Chris G

Craig, your website is unbelievable. Keep up the great work & thanks.  I’ll stock up on Kleenex…   Rick M.

This is a great site, I enjoyed memories. Thank you, Laura A.

Great job. Don M.

Craig, thanks for the wonderful job you do. Patrick C.

Hi Craig, I wanted to let you know that I came across your website when I was doing a search on "whatever happened to Cock Robin restaurants." It used to be a favorite place of my Dad's, especially for ice cream back when I was a kid. I find too that as I get older, I like to reminisce about past times. I grew up in the city, not too far from the northern suburbs. My Dad liked to drive and would take my sister and I all over the city and the suburbs if he wanted to go somewhere and check some place out. My paternal grandparents lived around the northwest suburbs too, so we were always going shopping or out to eat in those areas, too. What a labor of love your website is, and I wanted to thank you for it. It is amazing how one's memory is jogged for forgotten places, when one starts to look at reminders again, such as the places one sees on your website. :) As I was looking at your website, I had such a smile on my face. I kept exclaiming, "Oh, I remember___!" I had forgotten about some of the radio stations listed, and had also forgotten about some of the local food brands and restaurants, too. So, here is a toast to you from a can of long-forgotten "Yummy" pop, which used to be one of my favorite brands, by the way, saying, "Thanks for the memories." Sincerely, Katie

Craig-- Just wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS for such an awesome website and Facebook Page you have created celebrating the Chicagoland Area I knew as a kid growing up in and near Aurora IL. It was such a joy looking through ALL your photos just tonight. Although I only lived in that area from the time I was born, 1967, until the end of 8th Grade, 1981, you have collected quite a few of the things I recall the best about being up in that part of Illinois. Please keep up the great work here! Take care and thanks again for all your hard work. Steve K. Living now downstate near Springfield IL.

Thanks for the memories....I grew up in Chicago's north suburbs, but now I am retired in sunny Florida, and I loved all the memories this website brought back. I must admit though, it did make me feel old to realize how much I remembered. Bobbi S.

Craig, Thank for helping us to remember the Chicago we grew up with. Mark J.

Dear Craig: Just came across your website via a facebook link, and already, my brain is fried.  It is beyond AWESOME, but leaves me thinking that you have more hours in the day that the rest of us have. Forwarding to a bunch of other ancient lifelong Chicagoans like myself who I suspect will experience the same range of emotions as I --- from laughter to tears, as the memories rush by. I'd love to hear how you even began to compile this astonishing site.
Congratulations ----- great job, Val C.

Hello Craig, Thanks for reminding me that I am getting old, LOL. I am so glad someone put together something about the “real” Chicago area we all grew up in. The history of this city is often focused on downtown or the history of labor, politics, crime, or race relations. This is the real Chicago we all remember. Oh well, “Time Marches On” as Tracy Lawrence once sang (it marched on for him too. He hasn’t had a hit record about 15 years). Enjoy the day and thank’s again for turning back the clock. Nice to see so many cars of our youth in these pictures too, cool. Bob B.

Oh wow! I wanted to write a 6 page response with all the memories it brought up! So many memories! I'm in North Carolina now but was in Chicago from 1959-2008. So glad you've done this. I will send this to a ton of people, Stephen V.

Craig, Yea, yea…. Like all the other praise you’ve received about your website… I’d just like to add my own two cents….. remarkable, it's like you're in my head.  Pictures of Frazier Thomas & all of the Garfield Goose shows hit me in the heart.  I can’t believe that you were able to get some of those pictures like Bell's Apple Orchard & Hawthorn Mellody Farms. Thanks so much for memorializing the past that so many of us lived in!   You’re a true Hero. Many Gratitudes, Herb S. (Lafayette, CA)

It is nice to see someone else taking the initiative to preserve knowledge of the past. Cats lair Archives www.doorcountywihistory.weebly.com

Loved your Website !!  God Bless! Teri A.

I left Chicagoland (from Lincolnwood) just about 30 years ago (for the Bay Area of California), so even though I come back every year, much of what you captured on your site is still how I picture Chicago in my mind.  I cherish the images that you were able to obtain.  I’m always playing “What was at the corner of …..” with my friends & family.  I hope it’s OK….. I’ve put a link to your site on the Niles West Alumni group page on “LinkedIn”.

All I can say is AMAZING !!!!!   And Thank You  !!!!   So many memories. Doug

I loved the site. I forwarded it to quite a few people.  I was in Chicago from 1946 till 2002, so I remember quite a few of the sites. Thanks again for a wonderful site. Nancy W.

Hi, great website thanks! Sincerely, Sue R.

Hello Craig, I would like to thank you for a terrific website, keep up the great work! Second City Guitars

Love your web site, Linda B.

Awesome website!!! I've bookmarked your website as a favorite. I can't wait to show my kids Thanks for the memories!! Susan W. (Formerly from Arlington Hts)

"Thanks! You have a great site! Lots of memories there. :D" Michelle D.


Hi Craig, WOW! What a fun trip down memory lane ... Really nice, Thank you! Don S.

You have created an amazing, wonderfully reminiscent of The things that have made Chicago the wonderful place it is! Thank You! Michelle 

I love this site! I married and moved to TX years ago but have loved remembering Lost Chicago on your  site. Felicia P.

Thanks for the memories, I love your site. Robert M. 

Really enjoy your lost Chicago site. Brings back soooo many memories, thank you very much. Frank

Great Website! I'm only 46, but those pictures bring back memories. Thanks for having this! Again, fantastic site! Kevin

Hi, I loved looking at your web site. Karen D.

Hey Craig, ahhhhh, the memories.Jan C.

Love the Craig's Lost Chicago site! Thanks for all the memories! Christine J. (native of the NW Burbs)

Hello, thank you for the wonderful website and photos and memories of my hometown.  I am retired now and live in South Florida. I have forwarded the website address on to many many friends who have gravitated far from home, but still love the pictures and memories. Keep up the good work.  I'll be checking your site often. Sincerely, Marietta B.

Craig, cool website. Jim H.

Thanks, Craig. I live in Ankara, Turkey now so it was especially dear to see the places we went. I sent your email to my best friend of 50+ years, Jane who is still in the area. She loved it, too. Patricia B.

Loved your site... Jim B. 

Your website is incredible, of course I could tell hundreds of stories like everyone who views these pages ... memories galore. Thanks! Antique Detective

Great Website! Amy F.

Craig, (thanks for taking me back in time and making me feel old!!!) Bob S.

Great site! Pete R.

Love your website! Judy F.

Really enjoyed this! I'll  be back. Thanks again! Gary

Craig, I love your site and appreciate all the memories, and your hard work. Becky E.

Craig, Great site! Kimberly K.

Craig, found about your website this morning -- just spent entirely too much time on it!  Thanks, it's way cool. Ellen K.

Craig, phenomenal, love it. Norm W.

Craig, I love your website. Thank you, Jerry S.

I really enjoyed your website of closed places and things.
Thanks for all. Steve B.

Thanks for a very memorable viewing experience, Mark K.

Wonderful site. Thank you, Perry

Hello, I've been enjoying your web site since discovering it a few days ago. THANK YOU, Don B.

Thank you!  Your website is a gem.  I grew up in Chicago, starting in Uptown in the late 60s. It brings back a lot of memories, great lists!  I'm going to show it to my mom and dad the next time I see them, Travis M.

Hi Craig, thanks... I loved seeing all the old haunts, TV & the rest. Wonderful trip down memory lane, Great Job!!!! Marie A. Chicago 1946-1977 / Calif 1977-present ( but I still go "home" every year!)

Craig, great idea & website. Keep up the fantastic work, Jared Shumicki | Sun-Times Media / Account Executive

Craig, Love your lost Chicago series. Michelle W.

Dear Craig, thanks for making a place for some to find and join in the festivities. Kudos & keep up the good work... it's a good legacy. Spencer S. in Wisconsin!

I was referred to your website and found it both fascinating and nostalgic. Keep up the good work, Joe


Great site Craig.  Really.  A lot of work to preserve memories.  Keep up the good work!!! Amazing Site! Jennifer L.

Your Lost Chicago work is awesome. I grew up on the Northwest side of Chicago in the 50's and 60's. Bill K. Des Plaines, IL.

Craig, love the photos thanks, Fred B.

Hi Craig, what a trip down Memory lane! Thanks, Violet V.

Thanks for the memories, Mim S. (Richmond, VA.)

Craig's Lost Chicago is well done! It will increase appreciation of Chicago, Bill S. (Wauwatosa, WI.) former Chicagoan

Thanks for the memories, I grew up in Chicago during the late ‘30s and all of the ‘40s & then my family moved to Wheaton. J. Ward O. (Woodburn, OR.) 

Love the site, it really brings back memories of my youth! Thanks! John V. (Chandler, AZ) originally from Blue Island, IL.

Hello, your site is awesome. Thanks, Billie S.

As a long time Chicagoan, I really enjoyed your site.  Brought back many memories of great places long gone. Thanks for all your efforts! George R.

We just discovered your site and just love it. It brought back so many memories, thank you. Kevin D.

Hi: Really enjoyed this walk down memory lane....Enjoyed seeing all  the stores, restaurants, etc., great job. Respectfully, JoAnn H.

Love your site of Chicago memories. David D.

Hi Craig…. Awsome Site, somehow I got a hold of one of your business cards and that is what led me to your site. These photos and logos are amazing. Thank you for helping me waste two hours at work today! Again, great site, and keep up the good work! Mike B.

This is an excellent site and brings me back again and again. Thanks for your work, Jay L.

Hi Craig - I got a little misty eyed as I looked at my childhood memories flash before my eyes. Great job! Thanks! Geri B.

Awsome site....... thanks for doing this, sure brought back a lot of fun & happy memories. Michelene P.

Craig, I enjoyed this immensely, thanks so much & may God bless you for making so many people smile, including me! Maureen C.

Hey Craig, keep up the great work. Richard F.

Hi Craig, what an awesome website. Brought back sooooo many memories for us. It must have taken you a long time to compose all of this. This is really a great job. I am going to forward this to my kids and friends. Thanks for all the memories, Cousin Mike & Pat M.

First of all.....  Your site is awesome. Every category takes me back to a place and time of my youth growing up in Chicagoland. YOU ARE DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB OF GATHERING AND PUBLISHING MEMORIES OF MANY "Older"  CHICAGOAN'S "Younger Years." I'm a big fan of your site and told have my childhood pals about your site and the interest is amazing. They're sending me as many photos of our old neighborhood places of interest they can find. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, Sal C.

Craig, you put together wonderful website! I grew up in Park Ridge and Des Plaines in the 50's and 60's, and your photos sure bring back a wealth of memories. Thanks again for the effort you put into your website. ~ Bob S.

Hi Craig, First of all I love your website it brings back many lost memories. All the Best ....Ron

Hi! My husband and I loved our trip down memory lane while looking at all the places you listed. Thanks for taking the time to do this, we appreciate it! John and Joyce S.

Craig, I love the site! Keep up the great work. Glenn H.

Hi Craig, The entire graduating class of 1973 from Arlington Heights High School enjoyed this, and is still talking about it on our Facebook 1973 reunion page.  So many memories!  I passed it along to nearly my entire email contact list and your page is bringing many other people back to times when things were just a little slower, simpler and easier. Linda O.

Hi, I love your site!  It brought back so many memories!  Thanks! Mike G.

Enjoyed your web site very much Craig, and so did my father who sent it to me! So appreciate that you've done this work, Craig... thank you! Dottie S.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Michelle R.

Thanks for doing that, brought a lot of memories back! Karen W.

Hello! I love what you are doing! Thanks for the memories!!  Bud E.

Fabulous!!!! I was born in Chicago in 1928. (now live in Tucson since 1999) Where did you get all those pictures? You have done a fabulous job! Joan L.   

Your sight is great. I appreciate the memories, Florence M.

Craig, Thanks for the great job you have done with this web site.  I know you have put many smiles on people's face's and warm feelings in their heart with their memories. Once again great job, Bill O.

Hi There,Thanks for taking the time to compile this list, it brought back a lot of memories.Louise M.

Great web site, Edward K.
Hello! Just found out about your site through a friend's FB posting, it's fantastic! Lots of memories from growing up in Chicago.Thanks again for an awesome site, best of luck and looking forward to even more featured memories! Ray R. (Dallas, TX.)

Love The site! Great job - please keep it up. So many memories... Best, Brian L.

I’d appreciate permission to post a link to your site on our class website:  www.nilehi63.com!!  (We are the chronologically next class from Niles to celebrate a 50th anniversary!)  All of us wax nostalgic when it comes to the Chicago of our growing up years!  Thanks for reminding us of what used to be our Chicago!  Cheryl S.

Good day Craig, I was just forwarded information about your site today & am glad for it, I like all that you've put together, great job! I have shared out your site via Facebook on both my personal & professional pages.. I think a lot of people will really enjoy it. Thank you very much & have a wonderful day! Dennis K.

Thank you so much for the memories!  Kathy J.

Hi Craig awesome website thanks, Patrick C.

I saw your Lost Chicago memories website and really enjoyed seeing the memories.  Thanks, Jo Ella M.

Great website, Bobbie K.

Thank you so much for the walk down memory lane. Wonderful website, & I'm passing it along to my Sister. Thank you again, Nancy F.

Your site brought back many memories Bonnie M.  (refugee from Chicago's slushy winters)

Hello, I like your work! Chris R.

Cool site, great memories! Deb

Hey Craig, I was checking out your site, it is very impressive. You've really put a lot of thought and work into it. Thanks for all the great memories on your site!! Robbie S.

I love your site. I think it's a great representation of Chicago's past, really great for memory lane people like myself. Keep up the good work. Ric F.

A great website, Mike I.

Excellent site. There's a lot of good stuff here. Chris O.

I grew up in the Chicago burbs and remember many of these places & things. Gregg (Janesville, WI)

Quite an extensive list, It was fun to remember. Naomi M.

From the Uptown Update website News & Commentary from Chicago's Uptown Neighborhood: Tuesday, 8/21/12
If you've lived in Chicago for any length of time, you'll probably get a few memory jolts from Craig's Lost Chicago, a website of shops, manufacturing, fun, and food that used to be in Chicago, but has left for one reason or another (out of business, left Chicago, or consolidated with another company). Enjoy browsing Craig's Lost Chicago for some memories!

Thanks for taking us down memory lane. Regards, Christine A.

Love Craig's Lost Chicago... I LOVE THIS SITE!  Dennis L.

Greetings! My best friend sent your link to me and it is wonderful!  We both grew up in Wilmette in the 60's.  Your link had us reminiscing about memories of many of the places you show on your website.  I forwarded the link to my parents and can't wait to hear about their memories, too! Thank you so much for sharing your great website with everyone! Kind regards, Marcy K.
Wow love your site--I am a Uptown girl from way back, love your pics. Roberta D.

Really enjoy your site!!!  Thanks, Craig R.

Had a ball! Thank you so very much! I enjoyed every second of viewing the greatest time period of my life..living in Chicago 1964-1980. Steve P.

Good evening!I I was born and raised in LaGrange Park (1948 to 1962) before we moved to Southern California.  I remember a LOT of the places on your website and have passed the link on to other ex-pats from Chicagoland (and there are a lot of us!) Tom K. (Roseville, CA.)

Keep up the good work, great website Joe J.

Love this website.... Rita D.

Thanks For The Memories!!! ;)) Gary E.

Thanks for doing this, Barbara M.

A very interesting website with much Chicago nostalgia.  Nice job,  Joe D.

Really enjoyed your memories, Charlotte F.

Thoroughly enjoyed the website, very nice presentation, Marilyn N. (Youngstown AZ.)

Thanks for all the pictures and memories, Buzzy R.

You have created an incredibly nostalgic site. I remembered nearly all of the stores and eateries. Thanks, Martin T.

Thanks for the website !!, Warren M.

Thanks for your efforts and time to help Chicagoan's take a trip down memory lane, Fred A.

Thanks for all the memories. Don D.

Great web site, it is amazing & seeing all those pictures just really brought back memories. Thanks so much for that & keep up the good work. Jason L.

Hi Craig, my brother forwarded your website to me, and it truly brought back memories. Amy S. (former Chicagoan)

Through the years I have visited many websites dedicated to the memories that we still cherish about our beloved "lost" Chicago. I thank you as well as compliment you  on creating a superb collection of those images. A close friend sent me the name of your site, and after forwarding it to most of my friends, I am still reaping thank-yous which really belong to you. Bob J. (Arizona)

 Thank you for putting that website together, & keep up the good work. Dave M.

 This is AWSOME!!!  Brings back great memories and some tears, a lot of good things have been lost over the years. Keep up the great research. I’m going to forward this to a lot of friends. They need to see this, thanks. Don B.

I love your website of lost Chicago memories. I showed my children many places I went. Thanks, Diane M.

Thanks for all the great pictures. It brought back wonderful memories. Of course I passed it on to friends who grew up here. Pam W.

You are doing a great job, Don

Good job on the sight there are a lot of things you forget about until you see the pic and than realize how long they were gone for. Awesome job!!! Mike B.

I like it a lot. Nice work. Jim L. 

Your "Oldies" web page is amazing! I enjoyed it beyond belief. So Many memories, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ethel C.

Great site! Mario D.

I wanted to first tell you that I was just introduced to your page, and love it!! I especially love the "Lost fun" Page. Thank you so much for this list, Angela Z.

l had an opportunity to check out your website, & thought it was great! Keep up the good work. Kosta G.

I saw your Lost Chicago site, terrific! You have created a fun site for older Chicagoans. Thanks, Joe M.

Hi, Someone forwarded me your Lost Chicago page, and I too, miss many of the iconic places and attractions you list,Thanks, Scott G.

Thank you for a trip down memory  lane. I remembered a few ,some I visited , some I always wanted to. Thanks, Karen M.

Made me remember places I completely forgot about. Rob S.

Love, love love your web site.  I was born and raised in Chicago,and like you, I  miss many of the places. Keep up the good work.  I receive mail from all over the country from transplanted Chicagoans that are so happy for this stroll down memory lane.  You bring a lot of joy to so many.  Thank you. Mary S.

I Really enjoyed your "Lost Chicago"  website, what a blast from the past! Thanks for an interesting trip down memory lane! Carl B.

I saw your site; Craig's Lost Chicago, and am impressed with your collection. Thanks again for an excellent site! Phil P.

Thanks for the memories. You have a great website! Arhem

Great site! Randy P.

Very Nice, Dan C.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  Sat and cried for all the lost things from my childhood. Grace K.

This is awesome - nice job! Robert R.

Great Website Craig, really makes me feel old. I'm going to pass the link on to my family. Chip W.

Cool,  I remember a lot of those pictures.  Nice website, Rick K.

Craig's Lost Chicago is very well put together. Haven't looked at it all yet, but I am impressed with what I've seen so far. Thank you, Chuck Z.

Great site -brought back many memories.... Ron S.  

Thanks for the memories! Fantastic Collection, Kathy H.

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Just wanted to say that your website is great!  It brought back a lot of fond memories for me too.  Some of the places you listed I completely forgot about. My, how time flies. Thanks, Paul S.

Thank you for all the work you put into the lost Chicago website. I just saw it and it was a great stroll through memory lane. Mary S.

Good memories. Chris K.

Great site, loved all the pictures brought back lots of memories. Andy

Someone sent me a link to your website where I viewed the photos under the "Lost Fun" section, they were nostalgic and I really enjoyed them. As I was viewing them I was hit by the inspiration that a soundtrack was needed, and the song "Old Days" by Chicago popped in my head. I enjoy creating slide shows (This is just a means of letting my creative juices flow), so I created one for the photos. Use it any way you would like, if you would like to post it on your site or if you would like me to remove the posting I will also do that if you desire. I hope you enjoy it...let me know what you think. Peter S. Here is the link http://youtu.be/cpOPhmqpQ2M

I enjoyed the pictures. Ray R.

I am forwarding your site to my sister so she can enjoy the pics.  Thanks a million.. Louise S.

I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Chicago (Maywood) in the 50's - 60's & your website brought back some great memories. Thanks! Lee H. (Houston TX.)

Hi... I so enjoyed looking at "Lost Chicago". It brought back a lot of memories. Suzanne A.

Your web page, with the stroll down memory lane in Chicago is great.  Being 75 years young now I do recall many of your sites plus more. Bob B. (DeLand FL.)

Good web site! Lloyd G.

Someone just posted your link on Facebook, like the site, Bruce

I love your Lost Chicago website! Thank you sooo much for creating this site. So many of us love to look at these lost places. Debbie V.

Many memories from your Chicago pics of interest.I grew up in Chicago and went to many of those places on your site from the 40's to the late 60's. Thanks, Frank (Florida)

Great site!!! Thanks, Kmmp

Enjoyed your site and the stroll down memory lane. Michael R.

Great stuff on your site there. Amazing how some of that stuff disappears so quietly not only from sight but also from mind. Thanks, Al E.

I really enjoyed looking at your site, Thanks for bringing so many memories back to us natives. Valerie E. ~ Lifelong Chicagoan

Loved your site. I am 62 and grew up in Chicago., but moved to southern Indiana 14 years ago. This brought back so many memories and makes me so homesick for Chicago. Thanks for a job well done, so grateful! Jackie C.

Hi, Love your site! Linda K.

Love the site!!! Please keep this up.Thanks, Matt C.

I just viewed your site, it's great.Thanks, Pam M.

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Hi Craig; Nice little site…Rich J.

"Lost Chicago" is fantastic! Thanks so much for creating your "Lost Chicago" website.You obviously have put a lot of work into tracking down and assembling these photos.  I'm sure everyone who reminisces through your collection appreciates your efforts. It's amazing to see so many places now gone whose absence I hadn't noticed until now.  No wonder today's Chicago seems so unfamiliar to me even though I'm a lifelong Chicagoan. Best wishes! Kevin K.

Thank you so much for putting so much into this site.  It was really wonderful to go thru all of them and remembering. So many flash backs…. Was lots of fun thank you, Betty R. (from the ‘Back of the Yards’ area) 

Great memories..........thank you! Joan

It is truly a great web site. I have sent it to all my friends who are living in other parts of the states; they are loving it!! Mary S.

Just received a link to your website from a friend at work.  What great memories it brought back.  I have lived in the Chicagoland area all my life & I remember many of those restaurants, and fun places. Paula M.

Love the memories! Jay H.

I love your website!  Many thanks for creating it.  A high school friend sent me a link to it.  Do I have you permission to add it as a link on our 50th Niles Township High School reunion website in our nostalgia section? Pat L. http://www.nilehi62.com

GREAT SITE!!! I have lived in Florida for the past 20 years,  I have sent your site to at least 7 former Chicagoans and they are in heaven, thanks again David O. :):):)

Hi, I just viewed your Lost Chicago website & it's great to remember them all! Thanks, Dick D

Really enjoyed your website, I've shared it with several people already! Thanks for the memories! Alison V.

Enjoyed the site, Scott S. 

I'm 60, What a great town Chicago used to be for us kids in the 60's. Thanks for the memories!  Ed V.

Just found your site, it is perfect and brings back many memories. Thanks for the great website! keep up the good work, John R.

Love it ….Memories!!! Robert B.

A friend forwarded a link to your site earlier today and I really enjoyed looking through it, Doug C.

Craig, you have a great website, thanks. Ken J.

Fantastic list! Phillip P.

Just a note to congratulate you, nice job. Cousin Jim L.

Thanks for putting it all together, it definitely brought back memories. Good Job! Felicia C.

It is a wonderful page. I had fun reliving some of the places. I just love your site, Linda Z.

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